Friday, May 15, 2015

Pitch Day

Pitch day went really well. At first I didn't think it would run smoothly because we had no practice in what to do and thankfully my teacher did a mock pitch day with the class the day before. The good things about pitch day are that I was able to get my idea about ending the "r" word out and that people thought that it would be a good idea to bring it to my high school. Also, I was glad that people were really able to understand why the campaign should take place, and why it should be brought about. The bad things about pitch day is that I messed up a couple of times and repeated myself due to the nerves of talking to people I don't even know. Overall I think pitch day 2015 was a sucess and I've learned a lot throughout the whole process.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Pitch Day Anticipation

Pitch day is fastly approaching. In order to have everything ready for pitch day I have to get my flyer done. I already have the video pulled up. I also have to print out the flyer and edit it to make sure it is perfect. Also based off my research findings I have found out a lot of new things. I didn't realize that the end the "r" word campaign was well known like that, and in my community there was presentations about it. Yet people still use the term mental redtardation, when intellectual disability is a better term. By researching I have found a lot of information that can better my understanding, that will help others and bring attention to not using this hurtful word anymore. Lastly, I am a bit nervous for pitch day next week because of having to pitch my idea to fellow peers parents and the schools administration, but overall I will be happy that people will take in consideration of ending the "r" word and that the administration could pick it up and make it school wide.

Inquiry Question:
1) How should I go about pitching my idea?
2) what colors attract people on posters and flyers?
3) Will people actually help End the "r" word?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Planning For Pitch Day

For pitch day I am going to create a short keynote on the background of the end the "r" word campaign as well as making a flyer to give out with more information about the "r" word and how it is hurtful. On my flyer I will have a we code that will take you to my blog and one to a website about the campaign that has a video. There will be pictures of kids with special needs and organizations. There will be brief explanations on the back round and how to help the campaign.

In my key note I will imbed the video that is on the website that is on the flyer. There will be better explanations of what the "r" word is and how it is helpful. There will be techniques that you could use to implement not using the "r" word. The key note will help people understand what the concept of ending the "r" word really is.

Inquiry questions:
1) What colors attract people on a flyer?
2) How many flyers should I print out?
3) How long should my keynote be?

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Contacting a Professional

For my phone call I contacted a young lady who presented to a few elementary schools about ending the "r" word. Instead of making the phone call to ask her some questions, I actually met up with her in person. The little meeting went well, and she was able to answer the questions in detail. I learned a lot and I was able to find out how to make people understand how hurtful the "r" word really is. This was a really good experience, and I would love to meet up with someone else to ask more questions.
 Some stressors of this process, we're trying to find all of the information that I needed in detail. I found a couple of videos that really explain how hurtful the "r" word really was. Some new understandings that I came across is that the "r" word really affects anyone, not just kids with intellectual disabilities.  This process of contacting a professional helped me grow because I am now comfortable contacting someone I wouldn't usually contact, and talk to them in person. This helped me become more sociable, and gave me the skills to contact a professional. My idea hasn't changed much, I still want to make a poster or a flyer to hang up. The only thing that has changed is that I am not doing a website anymore.
Inquiry Questions:
1) What colors attract people the most?
2) Will people actually read the poster that I will hang up?
3) Where are good places to hang up a flyer so people will read it?
4) how do you get someone to understand the concept of a hurtful word?
5) Is there any other end the "r" word videos that are on the internet?

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Findings through Research

There is local meetings monthly on kids with special needs such as Down syndrome and autism. Since the end the "r" word campaign is just getting started I could make a a poster or a website to advocate it. I also found that to become an advocacate you have to know a lot about what you are advocating for. You also need to know the right and the wrong things to do. When trying to become an advocate, you should keep practing the skills need to advocate successfully. To raise awareness in my community around me I could put posters on announcement boards at community parks or restaurants. Lastly I found that as of right now the organization that needs help raising awareness is the end the "r" word campaign through the Down syndrome association. 
My original idea for my passion is growing because at first I just wanted to raise awareness for kids with special needs. Now I want to raise awareness for the end the "r" word campaign. One important lesson that I learned through this project so far is that in order to see if people need help, you have to reach out to them and ask. Through this project I've also grown as a learner. I now know what it takes to be a special needs advocate, and how many people are truly affected by these disorders. 

Inquiry Questions:
1) How do I go about creating a website? 
2) What are good sites that create free websites? 
3) What are good apps for creating posters? 
4) will I be allowed to put my posters on announcement boards?

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Changing Society Through Raising Awarenees for Children with Special Needs

One goal I have in my life is raising awareness for children with special needs in my community. Raising awareness can help the people in my community by helping them know how to act in public around these children, and know what to do and what not to do. It can also help them know what to say in front of kids with special needs, what not to say such as the "r" word. My end goal for this project is to make a poster or another visual aid with facts about children with special needs, and to also to help the end the "r" word campaign.

Inquiry Questions: 
1) Is there any local meetings for kids with special needs?
2) Is there anything I can do to help with the end the "r" word campaign? 
3) What does it take to become a special need advocate? 
4) How could I go about raising awareness in my community?
5) Is there any local organizations that need help raising awareness? 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Passionate About Raising Awareness for Special Needs Children

When I was about five years old my cousin Leah was born. There was something different about her. She has Down syndrome, this means she has an extra 21st chromosome. With her having this syndrome my life changed a lot. There were many things that I have to be understanding of, and because of her I became aware of the people around me.
I want to start raising awareness for kids with special needs. I have participated and volunteered at the York County Buddy walk since I was seven. I have also done the York County polar bear plunge to raise money for the York County Special Olympics. On March 21st (World Down Syndrome Day) I paricipated in lots of socks to raise awareness that everyone is different and unique in their own way.
As I get older I want to continue to raise awareness for kids with special needs. I would also like to become an advocate for my cousin Leah. One last wish of mine is to help out with the End the "R" Word campaign to help raise awareness for how the word can offend children with special needs. I hope my dreams can come true and that I can help raise awareness for special needs children